Saturday, November 30, 2013

Favorite Goodwill Finds

1. My mom and I found this chair at Goodwill a few summers ago.  It is super comfortable and it’s in good condition.  They were selling it for $14.99 and we had a ten dollar credit so we got this great chair for $4.99!  The tea cup is also from Goodwill.  My favorite tea right now is Sleepytime Peach.  I picked up all of these books from Goodwill for my trip to Montana over the summer. Some were better than others, but I didn't spend more than $3.00 on a book, so no harm was done!

2. Sometimes people forget that you can get dishes from Goodwill, but not me! Before heading off to college I went to Goodwill to start collecting dishes for my dorm room.  I returned to Goodwill to expand my dish collection for my first apartment.  I've found a lot of great stuff over the years and once it all gets a good cleaning, it's as good as new! I recently picked up some ramekins for making lava cakes, so expect a recipe in the future :)

3.  That Sea, The Gambler by Gregory Alan Isakov
You never know what you will find on discount tables and bargain bins.  Usually they are full of merchandise that no one wants, but if you are willing to spend a little time looking through piles of stuff, sometimes you can find a treasure! I found this CD on the $.50 table outside of Everybody's Music in Vancouver, WA.  Right after getting this CD I got two of my wisdom teeth pulled out, and this mellow music was perfect to have in the background while I drifted in and out of my post-wisdom-teeth-pain meds-coma.

4. I got these boots at Goodwill for $7.99! The leather was in good condition, but unfortunately the soles were not.  I decided to get them re-soled because I knew that they were worth it.  The whole ordeal was a little more costly than I would have liked, but still much cheaper than if I had bought a new pair of cowboy boots. Four years later I love them and I still wear them all the time, so I think the extra money was well spent!

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