Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Cheer

I really don't understand all the hoopla around pumpkin spice lattes (or PSL), but peppermint hot cocoa and gingerbread lattes? Now that I can get behind!
For the past few years I haven't really gotten into the holiday spirit, but this year I'm really excited! My roommate put up some decorations around the house and they are super adorable.
                                                                 Photo credit: Gena B.
I love our fridge snowman! I've named him Frosty.  It is super easy to make your own. All you need are scissors, colored paper, & tape.  Next week I'll be making holiday cards with my friends, so check back for pictures! At work yesterday I got to make wrapping paper samples for an upcoming Toddler Art activity.  I used brown paper grocery bags and decorated them with tempera paint, markers, and a stamp pad. 

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