Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Home again, home again, jiggity jig!

I did it! I managed to pack all of my stuff into a giant tower of boxes.  From the time my mom & E arrived with the trailer to having my furniture taken apart and getting everything loaded took less than an hour! I was amazed and a bit like a chicken with my head cut off.  We went out to a celebratory dinner at The Table, and the next day we caravaned home.  My roommate had made me a great "Rose Moves Home" mix to rock out to on the drive!  

My mom & E had the room all ready for me with fresh paint to brighten up the space.  As soon as I got home I realized a sad truth of moving- you immediately have to unpack all of the boxes you just packed...

After getting my bed put back together, I started in on this great closet storage unit 
that my mom had picked up for me.
so many pieces...
Adding clothes
I made a trip to Ikea for some storage bins, new curtains, twinkle lights, and of course- 
Swedish meatballs & French fries! 
Ikea adventures with Gena!
I am loving my new space! This room has so much space and amazing light, 
and I've got a little tea station set up in the laundry room. 
Desk and reading nook
Last night my mom helped me hang up pictures and mirrors.

Bathroom storage

Perks of being home other than my new room include an efficient heating system, 
my puppy dog, and new kitchen appliances!

Update: Although I thought it went without saying that living with my mother was the biggest perk of being home, she asked to be included as well.  Mama- I love being home to be your trusty sidekick, computer technician, and Little Edie to your Big Edie! Now all we need is a raccoon and a houseful of cats :)

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